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Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:17 pm

As you are all probably aware by now, X has undergone a massive update. This changes the way that autovoicing works in #usa.
Previously, when the ops team autovoiced users, the users were added with an access of 1 and the automode of voice.

However, with the new update, X will no longer allow users to have an automode set, if they lack the access to set that mode normally.
What this means is, a user cannot have the automode of voice unless their access is 25 or higher, as 25 is the required access to set voice through X. This means that all users in #usa who have autovoice needs a minimum access of 25.

With 25 access, a user can set voice on another user through X, without having ops in the channel.

The #USA Ops and Admins would like to inform all voiced users of the new policy regarding this change to our channel's operations. We trust you. So we've given you the benefit of the doubt and modified the accesses of all voiced users to 25.

If we catch you voicing yourself or another user without authorization, we will immediately remove your access from the channel, without question. If you have lost your voice you must part and rejoin the channel and X will automatically grant it on join.
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